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Dr. Sherman took a personal interest in my case and kept me informed in every step of the process. His staff was very courteous and always made a strong effort to attend to my needs. I appreciated how thorough his approach was, and in the end, the final product was exactly what he had promised. I would recommend Dr. Sherman and his staff to anyone.


 I was a little hesitant to make an appt. with First Impression due to the driving distance from my house but, my sister insisted to at least try it once and I wouldn't be disappointed, and she was correct. The staff was extremely courteous, and very helpful. Dr. Sherman was excellent, fast extremely knowledgeable, and felt no pain. I'm really glad I followed my sister's advice. Thank you Dr. Sherman and staff. 

Antonio P.
March 2015, Google+

I never imagined that major dentistry could be painless, but it CAN be, with Dr. Sherman. My teeth look and feel better than ever. His assistant Irina doesn't miss a beat either, she thinks of every detail to make sure you are comfortable! Dr. Sherman also saw my 3 children, and they are asking when they are going back to the DDS, because they liked it! I highly recommend First Impressions to anyone! 

Hillary L.
March 2015, Yelp

I work in a dental office where I could get my teeth cleaned, but I choose to come see Dr. Sherman and staff because they are always attentive to my needs. 

Sandy Z.
January 2015, Facebook

Laurie is an amazing hygienist! After waiting almost two years to have my teeth cleaned, I expected my visit to be a nightmare. I was wrong! Laurie's skills and experience are incredible. She was gentle, thorough, caring, and speedy. If you've waited too long since your last cleaning, it's time to pick up the phone and make your appointment at First Impressions. It'll be painless, and you'll be so relieved when it's over. 

Hillary W.
January 2015, Google+

Great first appt. Folks were friendly, informative, and thorough. Not much else you can ask of a professional.

Doug S.
January 2014, Facebook

Dr. Sherman has always been amazing. First Impressions staff is always friendly and easy going, always looking for how they can make our experience better. 

Kira R.
January 2015, Google+

I have never felt more comfortable and well taken care of at any other dental office before. Thank you to the incredible team and especially the best Hygienist in the world. Thank you Kathi. 

Colleen B.
December 2014, Google+

Best dentist in the state! Best hygienist (Joyce) in the state! Great service and care the last 18 years. Thank you, Dr. Sheman! 

Steve A.
November 2014, Google+

Nothing but positive experiences here. Referred to Dr. Sherman by my sister. I have been in for 2 emergencies and 2 scheduled appointments and left very happy every time. Not only was the work done really well, Dr. Sherman was mindful of the economic impact every time. From the initial phone call through to the appointment everyone was friendly and courteous. This is not an office I feel nervous going to and all the artwork is a plus! 

Evelyn S.
October 2014, Yelp

Dr. Keever has been my dentist for 15 years and it was great to see him again in a new location. The energy of the place and office atmosphere is just wonderful. You can easily sense that staff loves to work there. Definitely worth the trip from Seattle to Issaquah for me. 

Asha F.
October 2014, Google+

Dr. Sherman and his team are simply the best. I started seeing them about 12 years ago and was blown away by the entire process. In addition to our 2x/year cleaning, we have had additional cosmetic work done as well. The experience was so great that I had multiple friends and family start visiting him for both annual and cosmetic work as well.... and now I send my boys there. I have been recommending him for 12 years, and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Sherman and team! 

Jessica K.
August 2014, Yelp

My experience with Dr. Ron was really great! He was personable and attentive to my concerns. He even took time right after my exam, in the middle of his busy schedule, to fix a filling another dentist had previously messed up. I really appreciated him going out of his way to do that for me while I was still in office! As well as the personal follow up email making sure my tooth was all better! I definitely recommend him!

K.B., October 2014, Yelp

I have been going to Dr. Sherman for over 7 years now, and would not go anywhere else. He is meticulous and caring. Not only has he stood by his work- crowns, sealants, and mouth gear, he goes above and beyond if there is any issue. He is quite approachable as well. Often times we have intellectual conversations about his artwork, education (I am a teacher), and the world in general. Usually when you think of a dentist, you think of pain, bad news and regret. Going to Dr. Sherman is the opposite. His office is cordial and upbeat upon entering. The dental work is what is necessary and not more, done with care for comfort. I feel encouraged on how to continue the upkeep of my teeth. Dr. Sherman has always been on time, and even on occasion made time to meet me after hours, (as a teacher I have limited time windows) to take care of my teeth. Thank you Dr. Sherman for making going to the Dentist easy and a worry free! 

Darrel N.
July 2014, Facebook

I love this place! 

Dani F.
July 2014, Google+

Great dental work and service here. I moved away from Issaquah and have tried a couple new dentists over the past few years due to traffic logistics, but I went back to First Impressions today - they still cared enough about me to get me in for an emergency appointment even though I hadn't seen them regularly for quite some time. My visit made me recall what great work they've always done for my “not so easy" teeth and that I need to start coming here regularly again.

Sarah K.
July 2014, Yelp

I have always had a great experience at Dr. Sherman's office. He and his staff are very professional, helpful and accommodating to my schedule. 

Marguax L.
July 2014, Yelp

I recently had my daughter see Tracy and Dr. Sherman and I was absolutely blown away by their passion for dentistry. They not only successfully filled two cavities for my daughter but made her experience both memorable and enjoyable! I am forever grateful that we are starting dentistry for her in a good light, as I remember it being awful for me as a child! Thank you Dr. Sherman! 

Jacquelynn W.
July 2014, Yelp

These guys made it very easy. I am new to the area and finding a good dentist has been a somewhat ominous task. I also don't have insurance and knew I needed some work done. Anyway, they ushered me in and took the time to figure out my needs so they could service me best. I felt very comfortable. It was, as they say, painless.

Jan B.
July 2014, Yelp

Love this place; I drive 1.3 hrs. to go here. I will not get work done anywhere else. 

Mike T.
June 2014, Facebook

I waited to write a review till after my root canal. Everything went so well. I never felt a thing.  Every appointment finished right on time. That is important to me since I am a stay at home dad with 4 kids, babysitters can be hard to find in the middle of the day. I don't have one bad thing to say. The staff was very friendly. They even emailed me to let me know my crown came in early and they have an opening.  My mother referred me and I will be referring my wife and anyone else who needs a good dentist. 

Scott T.
June 2014

Today, my two sons (ages 4 and 2.5) had cleaning appointments with Dr. Sherman's team (and I too had an the same time!) I was so stressed-out wondering how it would go with us having our appointments in tandem (because my boys can be "active" ) But Dr. Sherman's team was WONDERFUL....I felt safe leaving both kids around the corner in their care! After only 2-3 previous visits, they have already convinced my 4-year-old to be an EXCELLENT patient....and today, my 2.5-year-old behaved VERY well for his first "real" appointment (rather unexpected!!). I cannot thank Dr. Sherman's team enough for setting my boys up for a positive dental experience. I love coming in for my teeth cleanings, and now, thanks to First Impressions, I think my sons will be great dental patients too! Thanks Dr. Sherman and TEAM! 

Toni V.
June 2014, Google+

First Impressions Dental Care is the best dental experience you will ever encounter.  They are professional, clear communicators and everyone is so NICE! 

Angie D.
June 2014, Yelp

My father was my dentist until I moved to Sammamish from Massachusetts over 11 years ago...That was when a neighbor told me about Dr. Sherman, describing him as a very talented dentist.  That was an understatement.  Dr. Sherman took the reins from my father, and thoughtfully ushered my teeth into this new age of dentistry, where fillings are not amalgam, and teeth are preserved beautifully for what appears to be forever.  My thanks to Dr. Sherman and his wonderful staff for providing my children and me with exceptional, intelligent dental care.  My father never met Dr. Sherman, but I will never forget the time he inspected/admired crowns Dr. Sherman had done for me, nodded approvingly and said, "That's one heck of a dentist you have out there in Seattle.

Hillary G.
June 2014, Yelp

"No lectures, no guilt" isn't just a motto on the wall here. First Impressions Dental somehow found a graceful way to inform me I had a double-digit amount of cavities after avoiding going to the dentist for 2+ years! (Yikes, I know). I also had cracked my two front teeth swimming 8+ years ago and the replacements were getting worn. An employee named Rachel with 20+ years of experience made my smile look like Beyonce's by the time she was done (seriously).

Beyond their awesome and personable service, First Impressions Dental feels more like a Nordstrom dressing room than a dentist office. The decor is warm and welcoming with lots of upscale touches throughout. Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things to do but it's not nearly as bad when you're getting dental work done in style. 

Making an appointment was easy and they make sure you don't forget with friendly reminders before the appointment (as a full-time publicist, this is a MUST) with the date and time of my visit. No complaints at all and I look forward to better dental health in the future as I move forward with First Impressions as my personal tooth fairies.

Jasmine G
May 2014, Yelp

Everyone is so friendly and nice!  They make you feel really good like you are their only patient. Highly recommend! 

Micah S.
May 2014, Yelp

The office is upscale and posh. Saltwater fish tanks, coffee bar, high def televisions with CNN, Leather couches and creature comforts. 

The back office is technically advanced, clean and private. The hygienists are experienced and thorough and have been there for years. It's comforting to know I will be seeing the same person every time I go in. 

The assistants have advanced training in dentistry that offers more services than most other offices can supply. Dr. Sherman makes sure all his staff is up to date on advances in the industry and I know I'm receiving the best care possible. 

The front office is efficient and knowledgeable about my insurance and financial details. It's top notch. 

Give this office a try. You won't be disappointed


Laura L.
March 2014, Yelp

Holy Smokes!  Talk about first class all the way!  From the warm welcome right as you walk in the door all the way to the flexibility in scheduling and ways to make things work for the payment. Kathi was my hygienist and was a treat!  Dr. Ron was extremely personable and a pleasure to talk with!  Keep up the great work guys!

Joe. C
March 2014, Yelp

Easiest dental appointment ever - nicest dental office ever!!!!

Marla G.
March 2014, Yelp

I have been going to see Dr. Sherman for 17+ years, love the staff, Dr. Sherman and the office. Previously I was the person that only went to the dentist if I was in pain and hated every second of it. Once I started going to First Impressions - I have become a regular patient every 6 months like you are supposed to. It all started because of his no lectures, no guilt. Dr. Sherman didn't make me feel bad about my teeth and neither did any of the staff. If you need a great dentist and great office - go to see Dr. Sherman

Martin G.
March 2014, Google+

There aren't enough stars to describe how much I *love* this office. For 9 years I've taken my entire family- me, the husband and our two kids- now teens- and we've had such a great experience with Dr. Ron and his team. First of all, the place has the look and feel of a beautiful office- not a smelly dental office. Second, there's privacy- you aren't in a chair right next to someone listening to their diagnosis. Third, with his background in cosmetic dentistry Dr. Ron does beautiful work- from fillings to crowns, if he touches it you can rest assured it will look natural and beautiful. I've had a number of crowns restored by him (including some that were old and I was embarrassed about) and I couldn't be happier with my mouth. My teeth look and feel great. Oh! And the cleanings- no more feeling guilty about flossing or cleanings- the staff at First Impressions is there to help you. No lectures, no shame and no painful flossings. I hated going to the dentist before I found First Impressions, now I know I'm in good hands. I've referred a lot of people there because I love it so much and every one of them has come back to thank me. You just can't go wrong with this dentist. 

Susan B.
March 2014, Google+

I'm not one to leave reviews unless I had an EXCELLENT experience and Dr. Sherman didn't disappoint. I'm not a fan of the dentist (who is) but a nasty toothache was only getting worse and I was down to the wire. Every dentist I called had a 3-4 week wait list and the pain was far too much to wait that long. Dr. Sherman fit me in and I have to say that it was the BEST experience of my life. A stubborn tooth was no problem for him and I never felt any pain. Two days later and I am still pain free without need for even Ibuprofen. THANK YOU!!! 

Tabitha G.
February 2014, Facebook

Dr. Sherman and Joyce plus the entire team are AMAZING. Going to the dentist at First Impression is FUN. I've been a patient for 15 years. And my teeth are in perfect condition because of the professional care I have received by this gifted team. 

Shannon A.
January 2014, Yelp

I just moved to town and this dentist has been great. Kathi performed a very good cleaning with no pain or problems. Dentist Ron Sherman is very friendly and gave great advice on how to keep teeth healthy. I'm definitely making this office my family dentist. 

Bill S.
November 2013, Yelp

My family and I have been patients at First Impressions Dental for over 10 years.  Dr. Sherman and his staff are very knowledgeable and customer service oriented. I trust his judgement and expertise. He never advises us on care that is not necessary and provides insight into prevention.
Our kids, now 10 and 7, see Dr. Sherman too. Even though there are pediatric dentists out there, Dr. Sherman and his staff are great with kids. They have an inviting and friendly office and they really take time to introduce kids to dental care and preventative brushing and flossing. My kids love his staff.  Thank you FIDC!

Grace Y.
October 2013, Yelp

I would recommend first impressions to anyone! I joke that they actually made my cavity filling enjoyable. I am doing Invisalign with them and a complicated obnoxious drawn out process has been turned into the simplest more easy going dental "work" ever. If you are scared of dentists but don't want your teeth to rot out: go here. 

Leah S.
October 2013, Facebook

World class dentist and all-star staff team! If you're looking for any type of dental care, you can't wrong in choosing Dr. Sherman and First Impressions. You can tell there's a great family atmosphere and a team that cares about their patients. I always look forward to my appointments and I'm sure you will too!

Gabe C.
October 2013, Facebook

I've been a patient of Dr. Sherman's for a couple of years now and I am so glad I switched. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. I do not leave my routine teeth cleaning in pain like I used to at my old dentist office. 

Also, Dr. Sherman was willing to remove two of my wisdom teeth in the office as routine tooth extractions, which saved me time and money.

I also really like the fact that they don't constantly call me to make an appointment if I haven't made one yet. My former dentist office would call nearly every day until I made an appointment if it got too close to the 6th month time frame. The reminder system that they have is great as well. I get texts and emails reminding me of my appointment, which is great when you do end up making them 6 months in advance.

I highly recommend First Impressions, Dr. Sherman and the entire staff to anyone looking for a dentist in Issaquah. I'm very thankful that they were recommended to me a couple of years ago. 

Paris H.
September 2013, Yelp

I've been a patient at First Impressions Dental for nearly 10 years since moving to the Seattle area. Dr. Sherman and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. 

They've consistently been focused on my long term dental health (constant reminders about flossing, wearing my night-guard, Invisalign treatment to correct bite to avoid front tooth wear, etc...).

They also have plenty of cosmetic options available if you're interested in going for the 'perfect smile'.

The email appointment reminder & confirmations are extra helpful, especially when you've got an early morning appointment you scheduled 6 months prior.

The office itself is very clean, nicely decorated (modern furnishings), and comfortable.

Aaron M.
September 2013, Yelp

I have been going here for the past 4 years and I have never been happier with my dental care. Everyone is personable, they all know you by name, I have never had an issue with anyone or any of the service I received here. My teeth have never been happier. I receive text messages and emails reminding me of my appointments, which is so helpful because I never remember to write them on the calendar. If the staff is busy when I am ready to go, instead of making me wait, they email to discuss when I can book the next appointment. I can't rave enough about my dentist and his staff. Go see Dr. Sherman and his team, you won't be disappointed! 

Andrea Z.
August 2013, Yelp