Meet Our Dental Team – Issaquah, WA

We’re Here For You

Many of our dental team members have been with us for years. When you arrive for your appointment, you can expect to see the same smiling faces who are committed to dental patient excellence. Not only will we ensure that your appointment is safe, comfortable, and informative, but we’ll provide friendly service in an environment that feels like home. But it’s more than just caring for your smile. We also want to know how you are doing, as building relationships with patients is pivotal.

Dental hygienist Chi

Dental Hygienist

25 Years

Dental hygienist Joyce

Dental Hygienist

35 Years

Front desk administrator Makell

Office Manager

15 Years

Dental assistant Tracy

Dental Assistant (EFDA)

32 Years

Dental hygienist Carissa

Dental Hygienist

17 Years

Front desk administrator Christina

Front Desk

14 Years

Dental assistant

Dental Assistant (EFDA)

23 Years

Dental assistant

Dental Assistant

8 Years


Great news! Our dental office is proud to introduce our newest team member, DELILAH, a Russell Terrier. She has won a few Best of Show Puppy Awards, but is now a bit to small to compete with the adult dogs. So, she’s retired from the show ring and hangs out at the office each day. You’ll definitely meet her as she is Dr. Ron’s second hand.