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Dr. Ron Sherman

Who is Dr. Ron Sherman? For over 33 years now, I’ve been a dentist serving this location, with one consistent staff, and where I am the ONLY general dentist caring for my dental patients and their unique needs, no exceptions! If you’re looking for a different answer, a more personal answer than the usual spiel, I’d love to go into more detail about my philosophy and approach to oral healthcare.

Ronald Sherman D D S and his family

What is Your Life Like Outside of the Dental Office?

I plan on working as a dentist for at LEAST another decade, and my profession happily remains my life. If you really want to know who Dr. Ron is separate from that, though, I’ll share. I have two sons who have recently finished college, as well as four dogs. Being with my loved ones is a priority, whether I’m spending time with the pups or golfing with my sons! Some of my other favorite hobbies include traveling, enjoying good food with amazing people, and watching football.

What Sets You Apart from Other Dentists?

Simply put, I am who you read about in my reviews. I wear my heart on my sleeves and will go out of my way to make sure everybody leaves my dental office super pleased. I give my personal cellphone number to everybody, not just emergencies – it’s for questions, concerns, or even if you just need to chat! After this many years, my patients are my friends, my young patients are like my children, and my older patients are like my parents. My staff knows that I have one simple request of them each day, and that is to go out of their way to please each and every person who visits.

I’ve never made a dental recommendation to a patient that I wouldn’t to my own family members. I’ve often changed my treatment plan to a restoration that is more conservative and less expensive when possible, and I never want to do more than what is necessary. If a procedure turns out to be more involved than expected, I’ll sit with you, explain your outcomes, and make sure that you understand the expected outcomes. You deserve the right to choose your own treatment! This core value has allowed me to sleep well every night of my career.

Doctor Sherman treating dental patient
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I’ve been going to Dr Sherman since 2018 and could not be happier with the care and personal attention I receive. The staff is amazingly attentive and efficient. They know me by name and are always very welcoming. When I call, they answer immediately and take time to resolve my issues/questions quickly. The hygienists are kind, thorough and gentle. I also have found them very knowledgeable, suggesting things I could change in home care and slow alleging the doctor to potential concerns. As for Dr Sherman, I have never had a dentist who is so fast and painless. He remembers every treatment he has given me and always asks how the tooth is doing. He’s the best and I Highly recommend him.
Cynthia K.
I have been a patient of Dr. Sherman's for 14 years and he and his staff have been amazing! Everyone is so friendly and professional. On a few occasions, I have needed to be seen right away for a dental problem or emergency and he always made room in his schedule. Most recently, I got veneers and he worked tirelessly to make them perfect! I waited 65 years for my beautiful smile! Thank you Dr. Sherman!
Ann S.
Dr. Sherman is the best dentist I have ever had. I used to be terrified of the dentist, but now I look forward to seeing them. He’s got great bedside manner and his staff are excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Sherman for all your dental needs.
Melissa R.
My family and I have been patients of Dr Ron and his outstanding team for over 20 years. These people have been the best by far of any dental team we have ever experienced. Our kids now live across the country and still make sure to schedule their checkups when they are in town. If you are looking for a Dentist that really focuses on your wellbeing, I could not recommend a better place than First Impressions.
Marin M.

I also always make sure that each of my patients receive a tailored treatment plan that is specific to their needs and desires. All options are laid out on paper, from the best option all the way down to “doing nothing.” It’s your life, and your wallet, and your personal priority. My job is to educate you about the pros and cons of all options, with everything accounted for on paper. Once I’ve answered your questions and advised you on timelines, it’s up to you if and when you’d like to begin! As I’ve said for years and years, “Teeth are not heart valves.” If you have a heart problem, it needs to be fixed. If you have a tooth problem, you can probably fix it on your own terms. Nobody is dying from a tooth problem.

All 462+ reviews that we’ve received are always available for you to read, including the few from people who thought we could have done better. It’s important to me that you know that. In fact, I’d love it if you would take 10-20 minutes and read some of them. I’ve worked every day for 33 years so far to deserve those reviews. Picking a dentist is trickier than ever these days, with corporations buying out dental offices at an alarming rate. I am and will remain a solo practitioner, old-fashioned in what and how I recommend treatment but completely modern when it comes to using the latest and greatest materials, techniques, and procedures!

What Kind of Dental Education Do You Have?

I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Pittsburgh. Since finishing dental school, I have constantly sought ways of further expanding my knowledge and skills. By staying current on the latest research, as well as new techniques and technologies, I’ve been better able to identify the options that benefit my patients in their dental care and their overall wellbeing!

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