Confessions of a Dentist – Issaquah, WA

Confessions of a
34 Year Dentist

Episode 001

Meet Dr. Ron Sherman, a 34 year dentist! In his tenure, Dr. Ron has found that many of his patients, both new and old, never really know what kind of questions to ask the dentist. They are over willing to go along with whatever treatment plan is presented to them. But Dr. Ron wants patients to be in control of their own dental health. He wants them to be able to make better decisions, save money, and find out all of their options when faced with a dental dilemma. That is why Dr. Ron has started a new video series called “Confessions of a 34 Year Dentist.” Dentistry is not what it used to be, practices are becoming more business oriented. Today, more than 50 percent of practices are corporate owned, meaning they have to pay investors. Dr. Ron is ready to expose all the truths he has found in the past 34 years as a dentist. Tune in next week to hear Dr. Ron’s latest confession, you will be shocked by what you hear.

Episode 002

In this week’s episode, Dr. Ron shares how to save money at a dental office. He tells patients that not everything needs to be done in one year. He says a lot of dental practices will make you a long list of what they think you should do. Instead of doing it all at once, Dr. Ron recommends to pull apart the treatment plan and put it in pieces. Figure out the first thing you need to fix. He says that often times in dentistry, things can wait a year. By spreading out your treatment, you’ll be able to use multiple years of dental insurance or multiple years of savings.

Episode 003

In this week’s episode, Dr. Ron talks about night guards. Dr. Ron says that most night guards cost around the same price, and it’s not that much. If you are getting charged $800 or $900, in Dr. Ron’s opinion, that is not how much you should be paying. They should cost half that, if that. Make sure to ask your dentist more questions because night guards do not cost the dentist a lot of money, and you’re paying a lot of money.

Episode 004

In this week’s episode, Dr. Ron talks about the timing of dental procedures. He says that oftentimes patients come to him and say “I was told I have to get a bridge.” Or “I was told I have to get a crown.” While it’s best to do what the dentist recommends, Dr. Ron states that it is not going to kill you if you have to put off a dental procedure for a month or so. If your dentist is urging you to get a procedure done immediately, Dr. Ron suggests that you think twice or get a second opinion.

Episode 005

In this week’s episode, Dr. Ron talks about insurance. He frequently is asked if dental insurance is important or if it will help with dental costs. He suggests you ask yourself “how much am I paying a month?” If you pay $60/month for dental insurance, that is $720 a year for dental benefits. If you’re being offered $1000 with limitations, you’re better off not having that insurance. Most of the time, people coming from decent dental offices, don’t have a ton of dental needs. So ask yourself “is it really worth it?”

Episode 006

In this week’s episode, Dr. Ron tells his big secret on how to avoid problems in the dental chair. All you need to do is floss your teeth 3 times a week and brush your teeth 2 times a day for 30 seconds.The brushing technique you use does not matter, you don’t need a fancy two minute timer. All that matters is that you’re brushing a couple times a day and flossing a few times a week.